Insurance is an industry with high potential in the 21st century. To make our students well-prepared in the financial business, we, particularly, provide the core courses of “universal banking” in aggregation with insurance, banking and securities. Experiences learning from internships and research projects required are also beneficial to the future needs. In addition, we encourage and help the students to participate in all sorts of certification examinations; this makes our graduates earn their places in the market of finance and insurance

     To retrospect, We, the department of Insurance, enrolled our first undergraduate students -- a total of 35 -- in 1995. Today, the department has grown to 20 times as large as its original size - approximately 695 undergraduates. Currently, there are 1 professorial chair, 6 associate professors, 9 assistant professors and 1 instructors in our faculty. The graduate school also started admitting students in August 2001. Today, there are 30 students in the school, and a full-time faculty team consists of 1 professorial chair, 6 associate professors and 9 assistant professors . To enhance our faculty, we also recruit the part-time faculty, including 1 professorial chair,1 full professor,1 associate professors, 3 assistant professors and 11 instructors.

     For more understanding, the program, characteristics as well as academic activities of the department are presented as follows


Undergraduate Program

     The program has routinely received excellent ranking among the similar programs in the nation for the past few years. The faculty of insurance is equipped with rich experiences and maintains a close relationship with the local insurance industry.

     In order to meet the needs of future employment, the department demands its students to take an off-campus internship course, and to partake a practical project research. Besides, all students are required to participate in one-month practical training during their summer vacation before senior year to acquire valuable “real-life” experience.

     The department also provides counseling and assistance to students who are interested in taking professional exams (such as actuarial exams, LOMA exams, etc...) to ensure their competitive edge in the industry.

Graduate Program

     To cope with the human resource requirements for the trend of the insurance market’s de-regulation and globalization, the major goal of the graduate program is to convey students the modern insurance management skills and to turn the skills into practical uses in risk management and insurance administration. The faculty team of the graduate school is characterized by its profound industry experiences along with strong academic achievements.

     The program requires fundamental insurance theoretical courses, such as property insurance, life insurance, reinsurance and social insurance. It also emphasizes the corporation with practical application and the formation of specialized fields, such as insurance finance, insurance economics, insurance regulation, actuarial science, and marketing management.


1. A three-in-one professional training is constructed. We expects all the students to have tripartite professional goals in insurance, banking, and securities. In order to comply with the government’s cross-field operation policy in insurance, banking, and securities, it is our mission to train the students vigorously to become elites in the insurance market in accordance to their aptitude. Likewise, they are able to grasp the changes of tides accurately.

2. There is a happy family filled with hope. With the three major goals of “professional know-how”, “enthusiasm”, and “social” concern as our education goal, we teach the students with love and concern. In addition, we also cultivate them a highly moral standard of becoming a professional with the capabilities of fully achievement. Moreover, with counseling and education of humanities, we inspire them to fulfill their goals.

3. To consolidate the goals of “insurance practice outside school” and “internship in the enterprise”, we hope to orient the students with the capacities and skills in actual insurance practice used by the businesses in Taiwan by getting familiar with them. At present, our department cooperates with insurance companies and consultants, such as Mass Mutual Mercuries Life, China Life, Allianz Life, Nan Shan Life, Kuo Hua Life, Fabon Life, Shin Kong Life, MSIG Mingtai Insurance, TLG Insurance, Law Insurance Broker Co. Ltd, Beihai Insurance Broker Co. Ltd, ForeStar Brokerage Co. Ltd, King Fong Management Consultant, etc in offering the students the work-study program. Ordinarily, we arrange and implement “visiting instruction” in these companies. During the summer vacation, these students will receive practical training in these companies. In the spring semester of the senior year, the students will have their internship in order to accumulate experiences and understandings in actual insurance operation, in order to lay down the foundation for their future careers.

4. Insurance scholarship are available. In addition to the scholarship offered by our university, various insurance companies and insurance, such as, Kuo Hua Life, Mr. Chen Chie-ping of ING Life, Miss Chen Huei-wen of Everpro Insurance Broker Company, Wu Chia-lu Education Funds, Mr. Huang Ping-hsin, Miss Huang Huei-fang of Sin Kong Life (alumni), Mr. Lin Wen-fu, etc provide scholarships for our students as well. All the students that accomplish brilliance in conduct and academic performance or in need of financial assistance are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

5. We established an “Insurance Consultation and Internship Center” to offer free consultation services in insurance to safeguard their rights.

6. We established an “The Research and Learning Autonomy Center of Alternative Risk Transfer and Insurance Linked Securitization and Derivative Product Development” to motivate the students to explore financial innovation, so that they can perform brilliantly in their academic pursuit and their career development.

7. We require the students to finish their “Graduation Thesis” with high standard to cultivate their basic knowledge and capacities to research in the discipline.

8. We implement the policy of “scrapbook instruction” to cultivate the students to grasp the current financial and economic conditions and predict future trends at all times.

9. On the right hand, our graduates are holding a diploma; on the left hand, certifications. By doing so, they can accomplish our aggregate educational goals of “complete employment” and “complete studies”.

Future Development

To prospect, we look forward to pursuing further achievements and perfection elaborated as follows:

1. In response to the need of human resource under the rapidly changing economic environment and the growing intensity of internationalization, we will strongly emphasize students' communication skills in foreign languages.

2. To cope with the establishment of national certificates of professional abilities system, we plan to open courses in accordance with certificate-gaining, on-the-job skills and alternative abilities other than students' major.

3. To cooperate with renowned foreign universities for a joint degree, we are also considering the arrangement of graduate students visiting Mainland China and other countries for experience exchange.